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AEG Live NBA Mobile Tickets UX And Visual Design
  • Better ways to get tickets for the big game

    I worked with AEG Live and a few of its live event companies to pitch a major update to the suite of digital services they provide for NBA team owners. I also worked on a redesign of the ticket sales feature in the mobile app for the Cleveland Cavaliers.
    Demo video for the NBA team owners presentation that I created in After Effects.
    The Cavs app needed a big update to its mobile ticketing feature (Flash Tickets), and I worked on some of the UX, all of the visual design, and created this interactive prototype.
    Beautycon Redesign Experience Design And Direction
  • A new web experience for one of the largest beauty brands on YouTube

    Beautycon is a rapidly up-and-coming media company that curates some of the best beauty industry content via video, social media, and live events for Gen Z and Millennials. I had a great time consulting with them on a major web redesign for their 2016-2017 winter season.

    Beautycon Website
    Beautycon’s audience skews significantly towards mobile web browsing, so we started each phase of the design process with mobile breakpoints.
    As usual, I laid-out the objectives and finer details of how the new site would work in an experience design guide for the team to review.
    An interactive prototype I created to present design work to Beatycon’s executives.
    AXS AXS Digital Redesigns Experience Design And Creative Direction
  • New products, branding, and web experiences for a premier provider of live experiences

    I consulted with AEG Live’s ticketing subsidiary, AXS, to work on a number of makeovers for their mobile and web products. The work included design strategy, experience design, visual design, and creative and art direction.
    I helped the mobile product team put together concepts and a pitch for creating new enterprise mobile apps to support ticketing and event experience for their venue customers.
    Another project with the mobile app team was to prepare a design strategy for a redesign of the AXS mobile app in 2017. I reviewed competitors, audited the current AXS app, and reframed our audience insights to help lay the foundation for a clear creative direction.
    Another AXS project was a brand redesign. I worked on a few different visual elements, and these posters for presenting different color schemes are some of my favorite artifacts from that work.
    Target The Holiday Odyssey Experience Design Direction
  • Helping a retailer deliver a holiday gift to kids and parents

    I led a small team of UX designers through the process for Target’s interactive holiday storybook. This web app was a component of the brand’s 2016 integrated holiday campaign and featured Neil Patrick Harris as the voice-over narrator.
    Samples from docs and other artifacts we created for the project.
    A few screen shots of the site that was live during the 2015 holiday season.
    Memery Memery App Design Experience Design
  • A mobile video experiment

    I was the lead experience designer for the Green Stone team on this project to help their client launch a new company and a mobile video app. The idea can be summed up as a video time capsule for the world that can automatically create montages based on location, time, and popularity of selected clips.

    Memery Website
    My UX work is the foundation for current releases of the app.
    A few wireframes from my UX work: these were the screens used for presentation and user testing prototypes in the early phase of the project.
    A few key frames from visual design.
    GEICO Re-Design Experience Design
  • A big update for an insurance giant

    I worked on a team with Green Stone and The Martin Agency to refresh GEICO's website with new features, information, and visual look & feel.
    Most of my work was conceptualizing and re-structuring landing pages for the redesign. Some of these thumbnails are screens we used in our presentation prototypes.
    A few screen shots of the original release. And many elements of the design are still live on the current site:

    GEICO Website
    Xbox Quantum Break Creative Development, Experience Design
  • Make a cool landing page for a very cool game

    Quantum Break is a game that is mostly about manipulating a broken time continuum, so our goal was to design a landing page that recreates that idea and feeling for viewers. I worked as the UX lead on this project, which is still live:

    Quantum Break Landing Page
    Much of the work for this project was conceptualizing and vetting the interactions via storyboards, mainly balancing the use of background video against the average load time for the page. But storyboards for UX are a good tool in a variety of situations, and I use them frequently for presentations.
    The page is a responsive scroller, designed for phone, tablet, and desktop screens.
    Here are a few screen shots of the new site. Or visit the live release:

    Quantum Break Landing Page
    SyFy, NBC Universal The Defiant Few Experience Design, Game Design
  • NBC’s Syfy network asked Ignition Interactive to create a series of online games for Defiance, their big-budget transmedia TV franchise. The catch was that we only had two months to be ready for the season premiere. I was brought in to lead user experience design for the microsite and games (game mechanics and gameplay controls).

    And we managed to pull things together nicely: an experience with 12 games to play, a good story arc, live action and motion graphic video, and a sweepstakes to win a Dodge car.
    For the microsite, I quickly gathered the client’s ideas and needs to start designing key user flows, screen structure (mobile, tablet, desktop), and content hierarchy.
    Another part of my job with the creative team was to define game mechanics for the twelve games, plan levels, and design interactions for mobile and desktop versions.
    A lot of cross-discipline work went into this project. Video was shot, animations illustrated, stories written, games designed, web app designed, etc. So we were happy when Syfy decided to keep experience up-and-running after the season ended and up until the next run of Defiance.
    Allstate, Answer Financial Drivemetrics Service Design, Mobile UX Design, Creative Direction
  • Drivemetrics was a full cycle of product design, starting from a vague mobile strategy and ending with the beta release of an app that scores your driving for discounts on auto insurance.

    I played a leading role in strategy development with the exec team, mobile app ideation with Deutsch LA, concept testing (surveys, user tests, and focus groups), creative development, UX design, and visual design. The app is currently in private beta with plans for a release in 2015 after a web redesign.

    Drivemetrics on iTunes
    A solid objective or business strategy is invaluable to a product design project, so I worked with Answer Financial’s execs to set their plans and expectations for mobile services.
    Multiple concept brainstorms and evaluations ended with an experience map (or user journey) where a driver scoring app was the core component of a service designed to make it easier for drivers save money on insurance.
    I developed the user experience and designed UIs for a minimalist beta version of the app that played nicely with our vendor’s SDK and delivered the core feature: accurate tracking and scoring of your driving behaviors.
    Belkin WeMo 2.0 Mobile UX Design
  • The design team at Belkin was planning a major update to WeMo, an “Internet of Things” app that enables remote control of household electronics. I was brought in to review the current set of features and develop new concepts for the 2.0 release.

    WeMo Website
    The 2.0 release will include new hardware products as well as updated software, so one of my first tasks was to design user experience for the new hardware and explore ways to upgrade existing features—scheduling, alerts, appliance activity, usage, etc.
    WeMo is not a single-task app like most mobile apps. It’s more like an operating system for a variety of compatible electronics that will constantly evolve and be revised by a group of designers. So we created a UX guide to keep designers, developers, and product managers aligned with the design principles of the app.
    I sketched UIs to test a few different elements of a UX design. In this case, we wanted to know a little more about how people want to navigate the process of changing settings for a WeMo device.
    Cholula Cholula BFFs Integrated Creative Direction
  • The Big Idea:

    Cholula is a versatile hot sauce that makes a variety of different foods tastier and spicier. You could say that it’s best friends with many of your favorite dishes. Hence, the tagline, "Cholula BFFs".
    A short spot about a breakfast dish that was missing Cholula’s spicy company.
    Each print execution is a magazine insert disguised as a heartwarming thank you card…written by foods that wanted Cholula to know how much they appreciate its friendship.
    Comps of a website that aggregates Instagram posts with the #CholulaBFFs hashtag. People can vote on their favorite posts, learn how to post their own photos, and send Cholula videograms to their Facebook friends.
    Vans (Spec Campaign) Invent An Adventure Integrated Creative Direction
  • The Big Idea:

    Vans has grown way beyond being only an action sports brand: it’s now something that represents creativity and independence, particularly in action sports, art, or music.

    People who wear Vans are always looking to convert whatever is around them into something fun—or create their own little adventures that sometimes turn into much bigger things. So this campaign invites people to participate in creating little adventures that ultimately add-up to a big experience.
    Vans already has an East Coast music venue in Brooklyn, so this campaign would establish the West Coast version of the ongoing experiential. Vans House West Coast would feature performance and exhibition space on the inside, and a streetstyle skate course on the outside.

    Action Shots is a feature of the skate course, where skaters with RFID passes can get photos of themselves doing tricks on the course automatically snapped. The RFID pass tracks their location and triggers cameras at trick areas. Check-in-check-out kiosks lets guest choose which photos to keep and share.
    Vans Beats Collection is an app that gives fans a chance to collaborate with their favorite music artists to create DJ sets that are performed live at the campaign’s experiential venue, Vans House West Coast.

    The app makes it easy for fans to mix samples into basic song structures. Then the campaign’s featured musicians take the most popular sample combinations and add the embellishments needed for a good live performance of the mix.
    Vans Safari is kind of like an interactive, Pokemon-style collection game. The mobile app turns smart phone cameras into image recognition devices that identify the shape of a Vans shoe and determine what style or family it belongs to.

    So, out there in the wild, a user spots a cool pair of Vans on someone’s feet, uses the app to photo-tag the shoes, adds a story, and scores points when they post it to an online gallery. Popular posts get shown in the Safari interactive installation housed at Vans House West Coast.
    Volkswagen Engineered Fun Experiential Creative Development and UX Design
  • I worked with AMCI and Deutsch to design user experience for the digital portion of an experiential campaign for Volkswagen NA. The Engineered Fun campaign was an RFID powered experience with test drive registration kiosks, games played on 60” touch screen displays, and custom iPad apps.

    And we also did fun stuff like get professional racers to whip us around the Laguna Seca track in VWs while I setup a GoPro rig to get footage of people loving the rides.
    I worked with the creative team to concept three touch screen games for the experience, which meant coming up with a bunch of execution ideas for the Engineered Fun theme and whittling the list down to the ones we thought were best.
    After nailing down the concepts, I designed user experience for the games.
    And I also designed user experience for the other digital elements of the experiential. Lots of interfaces created for a motley collection of hardware—iPads, Mac Minis, a photo booth, and 60 inch touchscreens all connected to a mobile network.