WeMo 2.0
Mobile UX Design
UX Exploration
UX Guide
Prototype Testing
The design team at Belkin was planning a major update to WeMo, an “Internet of Things” app that enables remote control of household electronics. I was brought in to review the current set of features and develop new concepts for the 2.0 release.

WeMo Website
The 2.0 release will include new hardware products as well as updated software, so one of my first tasks was to design user experience for the new hardware and explore ways to upgrade existing features—scheduling, alerts, appliance activity, usage, etc.
WeMo is not a single-task app like most mobile apps. It’s more like an operating system for a variety of compatible electronics that will constantly evolve and be revised by a group of designers. So we created a UX guide to keep designers, developers, and product managers aligned with the design principles of the app.
I sketched UIs to test a few different elements of a UX design. In this case, we wanted to know a little more about how people want to navigate the process of changing settings for a WeMo device.