Engineered Fun
Experiential Creative Development and UX Design
Game Design
UX Design
I worked with AMCI and Deutsch to design user experience for the digital portion of an experiential campaign for Volkswagen NA. The Engineered Fun campaign was an RFID powered experience with test drive registration kiosks, games played on 60” touch screen displays, and custom iPad apps.

And we also did fun stuff like get professional racers to whip us around the Laguna Seca track in VWs while I setup a GoPro rig to get footage of people loving the rides.
I worked with the creative team to concept three touch screen games for the experience, which meant coming up with a bunch of execution ideas for the Engineered Fun theme and whittling the list down to the ones we thought were best.
After nailing down the concepts, I designed user experience for the games.
And I also designed user experience for the other digital elements of the experiential. Lots of interfaces created for a motley collection of hardware—iPads, Mac Minis, a photo booth, and 60 inch touchscreens all connected to a mobile network.