Vans (Spec Campaign)
Invent An Adventure
Integrated Creative Direction
Streetstyle Shots
Vans Beats
Vans Safari
The Big Idea:

Vans has grown way beyond being only an action sports brand: it’s now something that represents creativity and independence, particularly in action sports, art, or music.

People who wear Vans are always looking to convert whatever is around them into something fun—or create their own little adventures that sometimes turn into much bigger things. So this campaign invites people to participate in creating little adventures that ultimately add-up to a big experience.
Vans already has an East Coast music venue in Brooklyn, so this campaign would establish the West Coast version of the ongoing experiential. Vans House West Coast would feature performance and exhibition space on the inside, and a streetstyle skate course on the outside.

Action Shots is a feature of the skate course, where skaters with RFID passes can get photos of themselves doing tricks on the course automatically snapped. The RFID pass tracks their location and triggers cameras at trick areas. Check-in-check-out kiosks lets guest choose which photos to keep and share.
Vans Beats Collection is an app that gives fans a chance to collaborate with their favorite music artists to create DJ sets that are performed live at the campaign’s experiential venue, Vans House West Coast.

The app makes it easy for fans to mix samples into basic song structures. Then the campaign’s featured musicians take the most popular sample combinations and add the embellishments needed for a good live performance of the mix.
Vans Safari is kind of like an interactive, Pokemon-style collection game. The mobile app turns smart phone cameras into image recognition devices that identify the shape of a Vans shoe and determine what style or family it belongs to.

So, out there in the wild, a user spots a cool pair of Vans on someone’s feet, uses the app to photo-tag the shoes, adds a story, and scores points when they post it to an online gallery. Popular posts get shown in the Safari interactive installation housed at Vans House West Coast.