Onsite Shopping Apps
UX Design, Visual Design, Motion Design, Copywriting
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The challenge was to create and test the first deployment of Ford “onsite” shopping experiences, which include bluetooth beacon technology, three mobile apps, and a responsive website for dealership shopping tools: all with an objective of creating a seamless transition from “at-home” research to onsite shopping at Ford dealerships for guests.

I delivered motion design (shown here), UX design, visual design, and copywriting for this project.

An Older Article About The Project
UX design for these apps was focused on the guests’ journey from the end of online browsing or research through the process of finding vehicles and information at a dealership. Screens were tailored to each touchpoint and step in the process to be responsive to the needs of each context.
Like most of my projects, I created a UX guide to present and describe the structure of the experience.
I designed the app screens and visual language to follow Ford’s brand guidelines and created new elements for the mobile environment.