I Create Digital Products And Interactive Experiences

More specifically, I lead the creative design process for mobile apps, websites, and other digital products. And usually with an emphasis on mobile and emerging tech. Since 2012, I’ve worked on:

Augmented Reality Experiences
Internet of Things Apps
Games and Toys for Major Entertainment Brands
Mobile Video Apps
Brand Campaigns
Enterprise Applications

As for how I do it, I tend to rely on a blend of design thinking methodology and advertising creative techniques. The result is usually a process that is heavy on creative iterations and prototypes to set the stage for a well informed production phase. Here’s a little more on the methods I specialize in:


The effort that happens near the beginning of a project, well before any sketching of flows and screens. Between business, product, and design strategy, I have the tools needed to cut through the noise and find an appropriate direction.

Project and Campaign Briefs • Strategy Decks

Creative Development

Similar to the creative process for advertising, I look for human/cultural insights or “big ideas” that can become good platforms for creating product experiences that connect with audiences. That usually means using research to develop a variety of concepts to evaluate before settling on one creative direction.

Concept Presentations • Content Strategy Decks • Copy Decks • Storyboards • Animatics

UX Design

It’s all about pinpointing user needs, finding clever ways to solve problems, going through design iterations, and ultimately creating screen structures and flows that maximize the value that people get from an application…while also balancing user needs against tech and business constraints.

Design Strategy Briefs • Customer/User Journeys • Competitive Audits • User Needs Analysis • Research and Problem Statement Decks • UX/Experience Design Guides


I create prototypes and demos in a variety of formats to enable rapid testing of ideas: videos via After Effects, InVision slides, interactive demos in Principle or Adobe XD, and even coded prototypes in HTML or iOS.

HTML/CSS Prototypes • iOS Prototypes

Visual Design

The step in experience design where a visual language is created to communicate the brand, mood, purpose, and information hierarchy for all of the components within an application. All with the goal of engaging users and delivering the best possible experience for them.

Style Tiles • Screen or UI Comps • Style Guides • Production Assets

Motion Design

These days, motion is essential to making interactive applications (and prototypes) more engaging, delightful, and entertaining…all things that probably result in more users for your app.

Motion Prototypes • Production Assets • Animation Principles

Agencies I've Worked With

Green Stone | 72 & Sunny | The Martin Agency | Deutsch LA | Twofifteenmccann | Tool Of North America | Ignition Creative | iconmobile

Brands I've Worked With

Ford | GEICO | Target | Xbox | Verizon | AT&T | Paramount Pictures | NBC Syfy | Mattel | Fox Broadcasting | Volkswagen | Disney | Logitech | Procter & Gamble


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