Hi, I'm Terry Lawyer

I'm A Product Designer For Emerging Tech...

And An XR Designer & Developer


I'm currently an Oculus Launch Pad 2020 fellow and also doing freelance design work.

I’ve helped ship products in a few different areas of emerging technology: IoT, digital medicine, augmented reality, blockchain, and autonomous retail.

In traditional digital tech, I've delivered work for video games, enterprise apps, mobile video, eCommerce, digital installations, and brand experiences.

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The NBA | Google | Ford | GEICO | Target | Xbox | Verizon | AT&T | Paramount Pictures | NBC | Mattel | Fox Broadcasting | Volkswagen | Disney | Logitech | Procter & Gamble
BCG Digital Ventures | Green Stone | The Martin Agency | Deutsch LA | iconmobile | Twofifteenmccann | Tool Of North America | Ignition Creative
2x FWA Site Of The Day Awards
2x Toy Industry Awards

Here’s Some Of My Recent Work

VR Design And Development
Making Oculus Quest hand tracking work a little bit more like human hands
View Project
VR Game Prototype
First round of design and development for an Oculus Quest game
View Project
BCG Digital Ventures
Validation Sprint: develop, test, and evaluate four new service concepts for Autogravity
View Project
Creating a human-friendly cryptocurrency experience for Liquality
View Project
BCG Digital Ventures
Innovation Sprint: help develop a collection of emerging tech product ideas for Hyundai
View Project
Boston Consulting Group
Illustrate the customer journey for a residential energy efficiency service
View Project
Plan, design, and execute a series of experiments to test a Bitcoin DeFi product
View Project
Product research to gain insight into the behaviors, preferences, and desires of retail crypto investors
View Project
My Early VR and AR Experiments
Some pretty random AR and VR apps from 2018-2019 when I started learning XR design and development
View Project
Akili Interactive
Digital medicine: product design for an early iteration of an ADHD treatment app
View Project
I have a bunch of projects on my old site too if you're interested:
View Projects On My Old Website